Dedicated is one of our favorite brands. They are founded and based in Stockholm and you can really see the amazing Scandinavian design skills in their graphics and prints. But they don´t simply celebrate their passion for strong contemporary graphics and design, they also turn their attention to the sustainability of their products. They have a  vast network of designers and creative people around the world.


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Dedicated has a sensitive knack for combining relaxed and comfortable easy going styles with outstanding print ideas, craftsmanship, fit and quality. Their concept of sustainability is to ensure tho leave a minimal environmental footprint. And of course to ensure faire wages and good and save working conditions to all the workers in their supply chain. All the fabrics they use are Fair Trade and GOTS certified. If polyester is need it´s 100 % recycled.   Their lifestyle matches ours in many ways, just like us they believe in the DIY movement and in creating your own good time while caring about our beautiful planet and mother earth. If this inspires others, the main goal is achieved. Be DEDICATED. #goodvibesonly  If you want to find out more about Dedicated, check out their homepage Du bist auf der Suche nach Styles von Dedicated in München? Dann bist du bei uns im Phasenreich genau richtig.