Wir haben unsere Brands mal genau unter die Lupe genommen und sie alle gebeten uns ein paar Fragen zu beantworten. Hier nun also das Resultat. Wir vom Phasenreich freuen uns das Label Woody Skateboards in München repräsentieren zu dürfen.


*where are you producing your products?
All the Woody Skateboards are produced by my hands in my workshop in Utrecht. Since the wood I’m using is either fomr Utrecht or Amsterdam it’ll only have to travel 4 to 40 kilometers! Very little transport means very little impact on the envirement.
*in what way are your products sustainable?
The wood for my boards comes from trees that had to be felled because of city renewal. The trees are cut down by the local governments and documented by two different foundations I’m working with, one in Utrecht, one in Amsterdam. So first of all the trees are not grown for timber procution. Second they are not felled because of timber production. And third the wood is transformed into the final product only 40 kilometers from where the tree stood for all these years (compared to the Canadian or Russian wood that is used in skateboard production today this is really closeby). Oh yeah and I’m using natural oils to finish the boards off instead of varnish or whatever. Also I go and get my wheels and trucks by bike haha, true story.
*why is sustainability important to you?
The whole concept of skateboarding started with the surfers back in the 50’s who started to surf the concrete waves. In surfing, and therefor in early skateboarding, “one with nature” was very important. This mindset is long gone in skateboarding today. Woody Skatebords wants to bring back or at least show the roots of skateboarding. By using wel documented local urban wood you know exactly on which tree you’re surfing the city. The connection with nature is back!
*what is your drive to do what you are doing?
See above
*what is your motto?
I have lots: Fuck plastic, ride wood! Bring the wood back to the street! Local wood only! Sustainable shredding!

Du bist auf der Suche nach Boards von Woody Skateboards in München? Dann bist du bei uns im Phasenreich genau richtig.