* Swim Shorts #BLOCK, Navy / Coral – Recolution *


* Swim Shorts #BLOCK, Navy / Coral – Recolution *


Through and through organic and fair of course.

* Material: 100% recycelt PES
* Color: Navy /Coral

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* Swim Shorts #BLOCK, Navy / Coral – Recolution *

Through and through organic and fair of course.

* Material: 100% recycelt PES
* Color: Navy / Coral


The brand Recolution is completely GOTS certified. So all pieces in the collection are made of 100% certified organic cotton and produced under social and fair conditions. Not only the cotton is grown in Turkey and Portugal, also the fabric production and the sewing of each Recolution style takes place locally there to avoid long transportations.

It is important to Recolution to always be in contact with all their suppliers and visit them on a regular base to make sure that all production steps are being made as requested.

Not only Recolution attaches the greatest value to the process of making fabrics and sewing the clothes in a sustainable and fair way, furthermore they make sure that no chemicals are used during the dying process. Compared to conventional clothing where you will find 30 % of the garments weight caused by chemicals that are used in the dying and finishing process Recolution makes sure that all their garments are totally chemical free.

The main criteria for sustainable clothing is the persistence of a garment. This is why Recolution only works with best and sturdy qualities. Speaking of persistence there is another important brick: the design. The Recolution designs are timeless and fashionable. So you will be able to enjoy them for many seasons.

Care & washing:
* Iron (2 dots) inside out
* Save energy and wash at 30 degrees with environmentally friendly detergent. It is ok to wash the garment also in 40 degrees (but not higher) if the garments seems to be really dirty
* Reduce washing by hanging the garment outside
* Line dry
* Cherish forever

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